Big Science Reissue Interview Round-Up

Big Science Reissue Interview Round-Up
April 6, 2021 laurieanderson_74v1v1

Laurie has been giving a lot of interviews lately around the upcoming release of the new Big Science vinyl reissue and we thought it’d be handy to collect them in one place.


Adam Buxton Podcast

Laurie talks with Buxton about the release of her debut album, Big Science, on red vinyl this coming Friday and more, like collaborating with a supercomputer, her mind-reading experiment with David Bowie, and the importance of community. “People are making their own pods and realizing we’re not living in one big world. The world is way too big for that,” she says. “Community, I think, is what a lot of us long for, some people who understand them.”


Classic Album Sundays

Laurie talks to Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy about the making of Big Science and Home of the Brave.

BBC Radio 2 with Will Young

Listen here

Will Young chats with Laurie Anderson about being an electronic music pioneer.


Newsnight on BBC Two

Laurie speaks with Kirsty Wark about the Big Science and being NASA’s first artist-in-residence.