• Let X = X West Coast Tour

    March 22 – Knoxville – tickets March 27 – Los Angeles – tickets March 28 – San Francisco – tickets March 29 – Portland – tickets March 30 – Seattle – tickets  

  • Rubin Museum – About Time

    Time is one of the most impermanent forms of measurement that humans have devised to help manage life. Do you feel like you’re running out of time? Which way is time going? Are you able to stop time? If so, how? In a series of on-stage conversations, artist, writer, and vocalist Laurie Anderson tackles these questions and more to help us reframe

  • 2024 Grammys Lifetime Achievement Award

    What luck! To be part of a group of some of my all-time favorite artists.


    NYC TAPESTRY: HOME AS REFUGE Sep 19, 2023 Featuring Laurie Anderson Raven Chacon, Natalie Diaz and thingNY Emel Forró in the Dark Wang Guowei Angélique Kidjo Michael Mwenso Mwenso & the Shakes Curated in Collaboration with Trinity Church Wall Street Programming Consultant Annie Ohayon Directed by Sarah Benson MORE INFO

  • ZORN @ 70 – August 27, 2023

    ZORN@70 at ROULETTE PART THREE: John Zorn, Laurie Anderson, Sean Ono Lennon Sunday, August 27, 20238:00 pm Tickets and info

  • Let X=X Tour screams

    Thank you to everyone who came out to see the Let X=X tour. We measured the loudness of every crowd during the “Yoko Ono scream” section and you can see the results in this video. Congratulations to Gothenburg, Sweden for being the loudest audience!

  • Summer 2023 Tour: Let x=x

    Tickets and info at

  • Looking into a Mirror Sideways – Stockholm

    Looking into a Mirror Sideways is now open at the Moderna Museet in Stockholm, Sweden. “Looking into a Mirror Sideways” is Laurie Anderson’s largest solo show to date in Europe. It presents a narrative of time, place and existence. Here, a representative selection of the artist’s works from the 1970s up to the present day is complemented with brand new,

  • Two VR works on display in NYC

    Two of Laurie’s virtual reality collaborations with artist Hsin-Chien Huang are on display at Pratt Manhattan Gallery until March 4, 2023. To the Moon (2018), originally commissioned by the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark, made its US premiere at the Museum of Natural History timed to the fiftieth anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. The artist duo reconceptualizes the

  • In Conversation with Paul D Miller

    On the occasion of Laurie Anderson’s exhibition, The Weather, at the Hirshhorn Museum, Editor-at-Large, Paul Miller spoke with Anderson on episode #483 of the New Social Environment. Their discussion touches upon Anderson’s attraction to the taboo, her desire to make a “walk-in comic book filled with words,” and her fascinating collaboration with a supercomputer at the Australian Institute for Machine Learning.


    In case you missed the conversation between Laurie, Mohammed el-Gharani, and Kweku Mandela…

  • “The Weather” Programs and Events

    A full slate of events (virtual and in-person) relating to The Weather at the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, DC have been announced. Check out all the details at the link:   February 23, 6 pm ET (Online) On Process with Laurie Anderson   February 28, 6 pm ET through July 31 (Online) Screening: Laurie Anderson’s “Personal Service Announcements”  

  • Norton Lectures: Spending the War Without You

    Thank you to everyone who tuned in to watch the Norton Lecture series “Spending the War Without You” over the last 10 months. Now that it’s completed, all 6 lectures are available to watch any time on youtube. Catch up on the lectures you missed, rewatch your favorites, share these with anyone you think might enjoy them for the first

  • Norton Lecture 5: The City

    REGISTER HERE Lecture 5: The City | Laurie Anderson: Spending the War Without You Wednesday, November 10, 5pm EST Laurie Anderson presents Spending the War Without You: Virtual Backgrounds. The City is the fifth in a series of six lectures, looking at the challenges we face as artists and citizens as we reinvent our culture with ambiguity and beauty. This talk will consider

  • Press Roundup

    Laurie Anderson Has a Message for Us Humans Laurie Anderson is why we have multimedia art. Her story comes full circle at the Hirshhorn. Looking Back While Facing Forward: Laurie Anderson at the Hirshhorn The Weather Synthesizes a Career and Considers a Crisis Elephant #46 – Autumn/Winter 2021

  • Norton Lecture 4: The Road

    REGISTER HERE Laurie Anderson presents Spending the War Without You: Virtual Backgrounds. The Road is the fourth in a series of six lectures. The talk will consider technology, media hypnosis, radio, speed and invention. About the Speakers Presented by Laurie Anderson, one of America’s most renowned – and daring – creative pioneers. Known primarily for her multimedia presentations, she has cast herself in

  • AWAKEN Podcast

    The Rubin Museum’s AWAKEN podcast From deep introspection to life-changing moments, awakening can take many forms. Join me, Laurie Anderson as host, and guests for a 10-episode series about the dynamic path to “waking up.” Available wherever you get your podcasts or at

  • Norton Lectures 1-3 Rebroadcasts

    If you’ve missed any of the first three Norton lectures (or want to watch them again), each will have a 24hr encore stream on youtube next month. Lecture 1: June 2 Lecture 2: June 9 Lecture 3: June 16 INFO:

  • Norton Lecture #3: The Rocks

    Norton Lecture #3: The Rocks will be re-broadcast for 24 hours. April 28 5pm EDT – April 29 5pm EDT

  • Big Science Reissue Interview Round-Up

    Laurie has been giving a lot of interviews lately around the upcoming release of the new Big Science vinyl reissue and we thought it’d be handy to collect them in one place.   Adam Buxton Podcast Laurie talks with Buxton about the release of her debut album, Big Science, on red vinyl this coming Friday and more, like collaborating with

  • Norton Lecture #2

    Update: The Forest will be re-broadcast for 24hrs on April 7-8. More info here.

  • The First Time with Matt Everitt

    Laurie appeared on BBC Radio 6 Music yesterday to chat with Matt Everitt about the pivotal musical moments that have shaped her life and career. Stream it here for a limited time: