“The Weather” Programs and Events

“The Weather” Programs and Events
February 18, 2022 laurieanderson_74v1v1
A full slate of events (virtual and in-person) relating to The Weather at the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, DC have been announced. Check out all the details at the link:
February 23, 6 pm ET
(Online) On Process with Laurie Anderson
February 28, 6 pm ET through July 31
(Online) Screening: Laurie Anderson’s “Personal Service Announcements”
March 8, 5 pm ET
(Online) O Superwomen: Artist Talk with Rada Akbar and Laurie Anderson
May 4, 6:45 pm ET
(In Person) “I Have Something to Say”: Advocating for Human Rights through Artmaking with Laurie Anderson and Mohammed el Gharani
Tickets: https://africa.si.edu/event/i-have-something-to-say-advocating-for-human-rights-through-artmaking/
May 6, noon ET
(Online) Meditation and Mindfulness: “Songs from the Bardo”
June 3, 4–7 pm ET
(In Person) Laurie Anderson Presents “Lou Reed’s Drones”
June 23, 6 pm ET
(In Person) Film Double Feature: Laurie Anderson’s “Home of the Brave” and “Heart of a Dog”
July 23, 5 pm ET
(In Person) Laurie Anderson Presents “Quartet for Sol”